Jetty provides a tightly integrated web-based communication management platform which enables the launch of a relevant website in seconds. Jetty tracks all interactions, identifies topics and trends relevant to your stakeholders, and gives you the flexibility to adapt and respond to events in real-time.


With our alerting system we’ll monitor everything so you don’t have to. If you need to know about it…our system will let you know.

Site Control

Launch a relevant microsite within seconds of a situation. Or use it everyday to communicate with your stakeholders.


Track all of your interactions through social media, email, and phone calls.


Role based permissions make it easy to make sure your team can do what they need to without worry.

Drafting and Approvals

Create documents via email and have them automatically sent to the correct people for approval.


Get the right information out to the right people quickly and easily through any channel.

Internal Messaging

Track all internal conversations around messaging.

Situation Status

Check the Situation Status board to find out the latest information. Integrates with IAP software.


Assess the situation through the dashboard, daily digests, and notifications.