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We are excited to announce you’ll soon see an updated look and feel to the Jetty user interface.

This update will be launched on November 1 and we’re confident you’ll like what you see.

Not to worry! There won’t be any drastic changes that will leave you feeling lost.  These changes are intended to make Jetty more intuitive to navigate, so we’re confident that you’ll be able to master this update quickly.

What you will experience is-

  • Easier navigation.
  • Modernized look with a new color scheme.
  • More obvious location for certain functions.

Primarily, the biggest change you’ll see is the removal of the gear icon in the upper right hand corner.  You can now access everything in the left vertical navigation menu.

Your development, training and support personnel here at Jetty want to connect and engage with you.  We will be available for questions and assistance regarding this update should you need it.

Complimentary webinars will be held the week of October 29th. Register here.