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Manage critical incidents, everyday events & more with ease.

Jetty is designed to be used for high stress incidents as well as for daily public relations. Jetty’s core communication features combined with its flexible templating system frees up you or your team to craft the perfect message without having to manage the technology to get that message out. Unique features such as internal status boards, social media monitoring and IAP integration further support a well-rounded communication environment.

Listen to & engage with your stakeholders.

Jetty’s powerful communication management system gives communicators the tools they need to listen to their stakeholders and craft timely and accurate responses. Jetty’s custom inquiry platform allows a team of 1 or 100 to quickly and efficiently manage large volumes of inquiries and at the same time captures valuable stakeholder information, reduces misinformation and helps create a consistent message. Your message can quickly and easily be pushed out via email, website postings or SMS in a way that ensures that your content is relevant and timely. Contact lists can be stored and utilized at a moment’s notice and website updates are a simple and quick process.

Command & control the flow of information.

Jetty was first created to help facilitate communications in Emergency Coordination Centers and, specifically, in Joint Information Center operations. It has since been used by many government agencies and Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Common uses including: quick to launch pre-built crisis sites, long-term employee communication platforms, daily use virtual news rooms and on-topic issue management websites. Jetty provides NIMS/ICS compatible joint information center (JIC) functions and features for those organizations that need to collaborate with other organizations and federal agencies. Jetty gives you the tools to ensure that the message being pushed out is the right one. Role based permissions ensure everyone can focus on only the job they need to do, and Jetty includes a built-in website content approval workflow.